The Lakes

The complex consists of only one open lake at present : “The Estate Lake” which is 9 acres+, has 18 swims and contains specimen carp to over 60lbs and catfish to over 90lbs. There will be the new lake “Etang Sociale”, which is around 6 acres, and will contain carp to 40lbs +, catfish to 70lbs +, and all the fishing will be from 2 central islands.


Lake : The Estate Lake - 9 Acres Approx

Swims: 18 including 3 doubles ( max 8 anglers )

Biggest Fish so far : Carp-Leather-61lb 8oz, Catfish-85lb+, Common 46lb, Grassie 20lb+.

Features : Islands, lily beds, silty bottom with some gravel areas. No poisson chat.

Info: English style tackle will suffice as no swim requires you to bait up or cast in excess of 80 yds range. No need for excessive baiting as all areas hold fish naturally.

The Estate lake is around 9 acres and dotted with some 14 islands and many lily beds. Every swim offers visible features as well as submerged fish holding areas. Swims are spacious and comfortable, the lake having 18 of which three are doubles. The lake is open to a maximum of 8 anglers offering you the opportunity to move during your stay. Because of the shape and careful layout of swims every angler has a good area to fish without troubling others. The lake already held a good head of stunning original carp to 45lbs, and after a careful stocking program The Estate Lake now holds around 250 carp. At least 120 are over 30lbs, at least 25 of these are over 40lbs, a few are over 50lbs and one or two fish are over the 60 mark. The lake also holds a number of catfish to 85lbs+

At Waterlily Lakes we take great pride in the cleanliness and standard of the facilities we offer to visiting anglers, and expect in return that these facilities are treated with due respect. Facilities on site include showers and English toilets as well as secure parking. There are two cabins, one which is our bait shed, and the other which is open for anglers use free of charge and has fridge and freezer space, a small kitchen area and charging facilities and a dartboard. Breakfast and evening meals are available, and these are on a “buy as you want it basis” or you can pay for a weeks food package with your holiday which is £120. We also offer freshly made sandwiches and baguettes which can be delivered to your swim if you wish.  We will always charge phones and other batteries for you and there is plenty of fridge and freezer space for visiting anglers. There are also 2 supermarkets, a garage, bars and take-away outlets in the two villages nearby. The food at Waterlily Lakes is of a very high standard and also represents very good value for money as we use only top quality ingredients. When you consider the fact that we have only increased our prices twice in 7 years you are still getting a very good deal at Nenuphar.

IMPORTANT BAIT NEWS :  We are now stocking a range of excellant quality freezer baits from Bang Tidy Baits : Creamy Nutz and Shellfish Peach , these are priced at a very reasonable £9-00 (10euro) per kilo and pre-ordering is advisable. Hard hookbaits and pop-ups to match are also available. We also sell high quality feed pellets as well as our own prepared particles. PRICES : Prepared Particles (containing hemp) = £1-50 per kilo, Pellet = £10-00 per 5 kilo bucket, £20-00 per 10 kilo bucket, or £40-00 for 25 kilos.

The New Lake – planned for some time before I die, hopefully - “Etang Sociale”

This will eventually be a lake which enables 5 anglers to fish all together from 2 adjacent islands, linked by a bridge, in the centre of the lake. This offers the absolute best of both worlds : A great social with your friends or family, and also great fishing, as you are not all lined up like soldiers on the same bank, all fishing the same stretch!

In other words : The ultimate group angling holiday! - The new lake will be around 6 acres and be stocked with over 200 carp to 40lbs+ and catfish to 70lb+. There will be loads of features, including lilies of course, and the lake is within the secure and tranquil surroundings of Waterlily Lakes, just 2.5 hours from Calais. Facilities on offer will be the same as for the ‘Estate Lake’.